Wednesday, 17 September 2008

One day maybe

But until then, I'll carry on getting up several times a night to turn one child, resettle another, feed a cat, or just ponder on the many things left undone. And during the day I'll continue to juggle too many medical appointments, fitting them inbetween too many other appointments.

I have 14 unread books. Tomorrow, unless one or other of the girls has a problem, I have a whole five hours to myself. My doorbell is not working. Callers may find my telephone temporarily defective too. I need an idle day and a no wake night.

I live in hope.


clare said...

Glad to hear I am not alone in the manic night and day dept!! Hope you get to read a book quietly in a warm bath for five hours tomorrow and no-one bangs on that door!!
Hugs x

Alesha said...

Isaac has been vocalizing for over 6 hours this afternoon/evening. I don't know why - partly bored, partly seizures, I think.

I send you bouquets of hope for your quiet day!!!


Tina said...


I like the idea of an idle day too...wonderful dream!

Anonymous said...

Praying for 5 hours of peace and quiet for you and a good book to get lost in.

Robyn said...

put a sign on your mother sleeping! that always works! :) and lets face you are a new mum (to two gorg cats!)

Elinor said...


Anonymous said...

New to this.
You are wonderful,thats all I can say.


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