Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Sleep - surviving without it

Following on from the first sleep post, I'm sure I'm not the only one of us who has days and weeks and months and years when getting enough sleep simply isn't going to happen, no matter how many tips and tricks you put in place.

So, I thought I'd start a list of things I've found helpful when surviving on too little sleep. Not so much ways of increasing sleep (and have you noticed how searching for information on sleep is full of handy tips like "take a nap" or "go to bed earlier"? Simply not an option when you're sitting willing your child to keep breathing), but ways of functioning when sleep-deprived.

Please feel free to add your own suggestions - I'll take any and all I can get!

1. Write everything down - don't rely on memory.

2. Get into the habit of checking the diary regularly, and don't make appointments without it.

3. Slow the day down - don't plan too much in any one day.

4. Accept that getting ready for things will take longer.

5. Feel free to cancel evening events if they will cut into time which could be spent sleeping.

6. Try any or all of the tips here to get more sleep in the first place.

7. Cry lots.

8. Take the frustration out on random telesales people who shouldn't be phoning anyway.

9. Coffee is your friend.

10. Accept that people who have not experienced longterm sleep deprivation will not understand how tiring little things like sitting up and concentrating can be.

11. Try to find a driver - chauffeurs are the way forwards.

12. Grow interational friendships - I'm sure Trina and Laura would agree that having someone awake and on MSNwhen the rest of the local world is sleeping makes the midnight vigil easier.

13. On a related note, check the time before ringing more local friends - many people aren't awake and ready for convoluted conversations at six o'clock in the morning.

14. Pick a uncomfortable pew at church, and if they are all comfortable, ask a fried to poke you if your snoring is louder than the sermon.

15. Pray

That's 15 to yesterday's 50 - anyone got any more for me?


MOM2_4 said...

Coffee is more than a friend!!

So glad we can chat sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Few more I have thought of (this is a subject close to my heart at the moment!)

1. don't try to do too much.

2. don't give yourself a hard time when you can't do as much as you want because you are so tired.

3. accept help that is offered.

4. ask for help.

5. find people to laugh with.

Am sure that I could think of more if I wasn't tired!

Normins said...

Oh fab - this was going to be my next question for you! L x

Tina said...

having checked for mega events laer in the day deal with the day in small chunks.
what I have to acheive before the bus comes...what I need to achieve before leaving on my schol run...then coffee before dealing with needs before 12 etc etc.

never let the chocolate or coffee run out...a mistake we have made too often!

give upon driving to long distance appointments arranging trnsport was simple!

Ensure others are praying for you!

pray for others.

combine appoinments where possible...3 appointments in the same department in 10days is not a good use of time!

realise that saying no is not crime...even to a surgeon you have ben badgering for a date!

laugh, cry and laugh again.

Anonymous said...

Have I been moderated? Didn't you like my comment?!!


Tia said...

Are you sure you commented on this post Val? There's a comment of yours on the other sleep post - hmmm now either I've accidentally deleted your comment due to my own sleep deprivation or you have accidentally searched for it on the wrong post due to yours. Or perhaps both?


Anonymous said...

Quite possible ( can I blame too much sleep as in slept through the alarm and had 35 minutes to get myself and Jack up for work/school and Jack, as he will tell anyone and everyone, does not 'do' fast!)

Shame I thought I had been moderated!! Hope the girls stay asleep tonight!!


Alesha said...

well, this is probably the worst thing EVER, because this whole problem is caused by a child with an upside-down schedule (days and nights switched)...

BUT if he's been up ALL night, and now he's sleeping...

I just let him sleep!!!

(I don't care where the sun is in the sky!)

I know...probably prolonging the agony, as he's sure to wake up in the p.m., but when it's a seizure thing, he needs the sleep too.

So that's my dirty secret...

When they finally fall asleep, leave them be.



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