Friday, 5 September 2008

Just another day

Little Fish and I went shopping today. Mog's outgrown all her winter trousers and most of her skirts and dresses. And Little Fish is bursting out of anything not made from stretch jersey. There's a limit to how many times I want to see either of them in leggings - it gets tedious.

Not, thankfully, a major issue for Mog as she does have her smart new school uniform and can make do for the weekends (although she won't be happy about that). More of an issue for Little Fish; she can't wear any of her trousers over her plaster wellies, and short but sweet denim pinafores tend to look a little indiscreet when you're sitting slumped in a wheelchair with your feet propped up.

So, we went shopping. Jeans are no good - Mog used to wear them but the last time she wore them they rubbed badly against her new iron hips leaving massive great marks. So that's out. Mog's a fairly tall and slim little person, but having pins and plates everywhere means that skinny trousers aren't comfortable. Stretchy is good, but apparently that was so last season, man. Certainly nothing on offer in Oxford today - or not if I didn't fancy silver studded hipsters. Strangely, I didn't. Skirts were all of the mini variety, also not much use if you sit in a wheelchair all day. And not much use in winter even if you don't. Although I suppose that if this rain keeps up, bare legs will dry off more easily than trousered ones. But, nothing for Mog today. Just as well she wasn't with us really - she would not have been impressed.

Little Fish was a little more fortunate - we did find her a nice raincoat with cuddly lining. It's great. I want it. She won't let me have it. The cashier also wanted it. And she wasn't allowed it either. It wasn't until I got it home that I realised it has no hood - what I thought was a hood was in fact a rainhat. Which Little Fish won't wear. Oh well. I suppose rain hat and nice cuddly lined raincoat go well with the temporary welly boots, even if she won't wear the hat. Perhaps we could use it to keep the boots dry?

It's even harder to find trousers or skirts for Little Fish. She's wide. And short. And her legs are even shorter than the rest of her. Her little feet fit baby shoes still, but her waist measurements are wider than Mog's. This is not helped by the super absorbent super lined super chunky nappies. We've managed over the summer; shorts have worked very well as trousers. Strangely, no one seems to make winter shorts.

I foresee some time being spent at the sewing machines. Such a hardship.

Meanwhile, some questions for you.

I have now been shouted at by bus drivers for requesting the ramp "I was just about to do that!" and for not requesting the ramp "How do I know you need it if you don't ask?", and for needing the ramp in the first place "I'll have to repark the bus, can't you lift her?". So what is the correct ettiquette when requiring the ramp? Does one wait until everyone else is loaded, only to be told that the bus is now full? Does one push forwards? Take one's place in the queue only to have a mother with a buggy nip in first and take the spot? And exactly how much pain is it correct to administer when running over the feet of those who will not move out of the wheelchair spot in order for you to park safely? In the interests of fairness, I should mention that we've also had wonderful drivers who have been delighted to help us, however so far I'd say it's 50:50.

Where should I be looking for nice soft clothing designed for children not mini adults, and with options in extra wide? Anyone got any favourite patterns?

And a very important question from Little Fish - what sticks to fibreglass? She is stuck with two very boring offwhite casts for the next month. Felt tip pen doesn't dry but just rubs off. Stickers peel off. Pencil goes bumpetty. Watercolour rolls off. I suspect superglue might work, but what to do to keep her hands off it until it sets? Then again, hands stuck to feet for a month, there could be advantages to that...



Anonymous said...

As far as buses go, I generally try and be as pushy as possible (due to the aforementioned 'I didn't think you were getting on/can't you tip it...where 'it' is a tilt in space power chair).

If I get told I was just about to, then I smile and say thanks, it's just people don't always see me because the bus driver's seat is so high - could you try that one? (e.g. don't see that my child's in a chair not a buggy).

Alesha said...

My hubby is hard at work solving your cast-decorating dilemma. He suggests:

glitter pen
shoe polish
dry erase markers
paint pens

Hopefully that will get Little Fish started on her art career!

MOM2_4 said...

welly deco... could you make/buy/creativly aquire some hair scrunchies to be worn ankle bracelet style? Bright colors some have beads and such... If you make them you could do velcro for easier on and off. Not as fun as paint or stickers, but would add some color and entertainment value.

I am in a shopping delima as well... Josh is getting taller but has no bottom to speak of - even diapered. The basic thought is added length needed added waist... NONE of my kids have butts, but they need the length. I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

I go for pushy! As far as the wellies how about Duct Tape. It comes in many colours and even patterns and sticks to just about anything.
I have ordered from LLBean. They have nice pants in nice colours and some good choices of stretchy ones each year. I do find I have to fold the legs up . Amber was short and wide as she was in a TLSO. I did sometimes buy boys chubby pants.

Anna said...

A labelling pen (from 'all good stationers') writes on everything, e.g. CDs, credit card strips, etc, so should be OK on fibreglass.

Robyn said...

we have that issue with bus drivers and ramps...8 out of 10 times in our case.. i usually just scowl and answer sarcastically...depends on my mood! The one who actually SIGHED when i asked for the ramp, nearly had his miserable bottom reported.

Becca said...

Decorating the wellies - there are some FAB brightly coloured (often stripy) legwarmers to be had if you know where to look.

Otherwise - how about acrylic paint? May peel off, may not - you could always varnish over the top. That or glass paint which sticks to anything.

Getting on buses - barge. Always. A lot. It's easier for everyone if you board first, not last - think of airlines. The entire contents of the bus will have to move out of the way for you otherwise.

Try M&S for stretchy, comfy clothes - they also tend to have things like shorts year round. Mog might like some stretchy jeans - they look jeansy but aren't actually denim so much comfier. Work well for the larger-bottomed amongst us, too - I feel Little Fish's pain!

You might like to consider a personal shopper (I know, I know!) - their job is to listen to what you like, take your measurements and then do some hunting on your behalf. There isn't usually a charge, the benefit to the shop is in the fact that they're so successful that you usually spend extra.

There are some 'special needs' (bleurgh!) shops online that can adjust and do funny sizings and so on but frankly you get massively overpriced stuff in crip ghetto fashion and your girls deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tia
Seems Oxford have ignorant bus drivers too! Normally I push to the front, and make the other passengers wait for the child to board first. If a lovely mother takes the wheelchair area with a buggy, I politely point the the notice that states wheelchairs take priority!
As for the casts, how about nail varnish! I use it for all sorts, not normally for nails! Didn't they offer LF a choice of colour, as they have great ones now!


Claire said...


Gapkids have an extra slim and wider range for kids. You might have some luck there.

For welly art you could try mixing poster paint with pva glue, that stays on shiny things. Have


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