Thursday, 11 September 2008

Lazy Autumn Bibs

Little Fish goes to pre-school all day on Thursdays now. She missed last week, being somewhat busy and under anaesthetic and all, so today was her first long day. I sent her off, excited, with a couple of pots of slime for lunch, and left her arguing with her keyworker over when exactly she could eat lunch.

And then came home to the joy of an empty house for five whole hours. Bliss. So, what did I do with my wonderful patch of time? All those relaxing things I've not had time for over the summer? Long soak in a bubble bath, back to bed with a good book, catch up on some sleep, or some nice solo shopping? No, for some reason I got hung up on the bib I made yesterday and decided to do some better ones.

Take one piece of flannelAnd cut out a rough bib shape.
Add in a layer of soaker fabric (ZORB)
And a waterproof layer (diapermaker's PUL in this case)
Pin, and then stitch.
I do love my sewing machine. I use my overlocker for speed most of the time here, but it was not happy yesterday with the waterproof layer. So I was forced to dig out the proper machine. I had forgotten how nicely it stitches, what a joy it is to use. Unfortunately, it didn't like stitching the waterproof layer inside out either, so I had to cheat use a top stitch and trim rather than sew them backwards and then turn them around to get a nice neat finish.
Having stitched all the way around the bib, take a phone call from school*, and take a short break to go and collect Mog who is worn out after a busy morning. So much for five whole hours off.
I just had to turn it over to admire the neat train tracks stitch. And stroke the flannel, and squidge the lot; it's all so soft and yummy.
And then trim away all the fabric excess to be left with half a dozen fairly basic but beautifully soft and absorbent bibs. In nice fetching autumn colours.
Mog seems to like them anyway. Or perhaps she was just pleased at not being in school.

The more observant of you might have noticed I haven't photographed the fastener. That's because there isn't one yet. My velcro is iron on, and won't iron through all the layers. My poppers are all fiddly little tiny ones for summer dresses, not extra thick bibs. I'm thinking it'll either be a couple of inches of elastic (practical but ugly), a button (pretty but uncomfortable perhaps?) or a couple of ribbon ties (simple but strangulation risk?). Meanwhile it'll be a safety pin (easy but slatternly!).

Now we are late, so I must run.

*this part optional for anyone who is not me.


Tina said...

oooh bootiful! they lok so much softer than the Rk ones I bought
you are just too clever!

Anonymous said...

iron on velcro ... theres a concept ..

I spent 40 minutes sewing in name tapes the other night only to dscover they were iron on ! .. At least they are well fixed right ?


Robyn said...

very well done!
btw can i see a full pic of Mog in her uniform..i may have missed one..sorry

mq, cb said...

Erm, I'm not quite sure, but did you just out Little Fish?

Tia said...

fixed. Thanks!

Michelle said...

How about a little hand sewn hook and eye to close them?

Michelle & Emily


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