Monday, 15 September 2008

A-Googling we will go

Time for another googling round-up. I seem to be collecting sentences this time.

"Each child is different so every child will have a different reaction to being adopted". I think you're probably right. I'm not sure what you were looking for there though.

"Cerebral Palsy and screaming". Yep, it happens. Lots. With Mog they called it Cerebral Irritation, hours and weeks of crying and only stopping when the drugs kicked in. She doesn't do it as often now, so if your child is a baby then don't give up hope of them stopping. She's actually pretty happy most of the time now until bedtime when she turns into a screaming ball of fury again. If you're in the UK, Cerebra's a great place for help and support. Or come on over to Special Kids in the UK and join in the forum there. It might not stop your child from screaming but you will at least be in the company of other parents experiencing the same thing. It helps.

"Child's first sentence". I'd prefer to forget Little Fish's first sentence actually.

"Shuffle Trousers". Well it makes a change from Shuffle Trouder which made it to the last roundup. But I'm still no clearer on what they are. Please, Mr or Mrs Shuffle Trouser hunter, put me out of my misery, tell me what you're looking for.

"How to cope with breaking someone's heart". I'm probably not the best person to ask.

"Lissencephaly". Ask my friend Doorless.

"Trina and Jophie". You're looking for Jophie's Jungle. They're both alive, both out of hospital, and both very very busy. Trina's working on an exciting project right now and should be releasing details in the next few days. They will appreciate your prayers now and always.

"Uncaffeinated". Don't ask me - you don't want to meet me when I'm dangerously uncaffeinated.

"How to be a perfect hostess". Again, I'm really not the person to ask! Try Copperswife.

"Child sleeps on the floor instead of in bed". Are they comfortable? Warm? Safe? I honestly wouldn't worry if so. Cot sides might help if they're falling out though (or worried about falling out). A mattress on the floor might be a bit cosier than floorboards. And a sleeping bag might work better than sheets if they keep wriggling loose.

"Light in the sky in the middle of the day". It's called the sun. I know we haven't had much of it this summer, in fact most of the time it has been behind large grey soggy things full of leaks. They're called clouds, and the leaks are called rain. The sun though is a perfectly normal phenomenon and has been around for a good few (thousand) years now. It's nothing to worry about. Some years, you'll actually see it for several days in a row, sometimes even for several weeks in a row.

I hope that straightens things up for you. To the many readers who come here in search of Toblerone-related answers, yes it's suitable for vegetarians, no it isn't suitable for vegans, yes it has lots of calories, no, there isn't a low fat version. Yes, it makes very yummy brownies, and if you're trying to get rid of it do please feel free to send it my way (but only the original milk chocolate version, not the white or dark or any abomination with raisins in. Thank you)!

Good night.


Alesha said...

Oh wow! A project from Trina and Jophie???

I can't wait! :-)

Normins said...

Tia you made me giggle, thank you!
I can confirm that the Toblerone Brownies should in fact be part of every vegetarian's diet. Mmm.


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