Saturday, 13 September 2008

Meet the Woof-Cats

Through the town and out into the country, past a village green and up a muddy track, inside a twelve foot high gate, and the cacophony of barks and loud radio mingled with the gentle aroma of sheep and goats and many furry beasties. It's the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, and after a long week's wait, we are finally here to collect the Woof Cats.

Little Fish has been hugely excited about this. By Thursday she had decided that Grannie and Grandad would both be coming with us, and that Grandad would be driving the bus. Her first words every morning have been "Woof Cats coming today?" and her last words at night "Woof Cats 'ere in the morning?". And at long last (note to self: one week is plenty, avoid telling her about Christmas ever), today arrived and we could go and pick them up.

First top the office, for the necessary paperwork.
As we waited we watched this cat do what cats are supposed to do best.
The long term residents came up to assess the transport for their friends who were leaving them this morning.
Time to find the cats. How many of them can you find on this roof?
How about this one?
Inside now, and beside these little beauties
we found these ones. Come Back and Go Away both handily together on a shelf.
So, we gathered medication (it's a suspected kidney problem, not a confirmed heart problem), gathered more advice on feeding and settling. and then stuffed settled the cats into their baskets and drove home.

I had sorted out the sunroom to provide a nice quiet hidey hole for them both, food and litter and bedding, nice dark corners, and most importantly, inaccessible to the Little Fish so somewhere for them to retreat to. They didn't stay there long though.GoWay was the first to come and join us - a surprise, since officially he's the nervous one.
He had a good explore, and identified several possible perching posts. And then ComeBack decided to join us too.

But only as long as we were suitably impressed by his condescension.

ComeBack is a beautiful cat; he's actually quite small but with huge quantities of hair. A messy eater (and a smelly excreter, good to know everything's working though!), full of burrs and knots but a lovely loud purr and keenness to be stroked and fussed and loved. GoWay meanwhile has been slinking around, sneaking up from behind to take a quick sniff and a scratch, then disappearing before anyone really pays attention to him.

Mog thinks they're great to watch, and was very pleased when ComeBack deigned to sit on her lap for a bit. Little Fish wants to know exactly where both of them are, all the time. She won't touch them, but thinks it's very exciting that they come to find her sometimes. I think they're beautiful beasties, but I shall be very thankful when their three week settling in period finishes and I can give the house some fresh air!



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