Sunday, 7 September 2008

Family reunited.

I started a long complaining post here, about the many and various ways in which the world was deliberately setting out to drive me crazy. And then Little Fish started singing "Tha-a-ank you Lord for this fine day" and spent the next 20 minutes finding different things to be thankful for with Mog's assistance. And I decided that maybe I didn't have so much to complain about after all.

Little Fish is happy. She has a new favourite item of clothing. Forget the coat, she's all about the accessories.
I must stitch a tie around it; for some reason the coat itself is beautifully lined with fuzzy stuff but the hat is lined with super-shiny lining fabric. Which ensures it slides off the head every couple of seconds. Fun for all the family.

Meanwhile, scary news! We have a stalker! All those urban legends about people breaking into your van, hiding behind your seat and then leaping up behind you when you are driving? They're true! Look what happened to me today!OK yes, it is a balloon. But trust me, when you glance over your shoulder to check the girls traffic, and when it is getting dark, a balloon is not what it looks like!*

Mog's home again. It is nice to be a threesome again. Lovely to have individual time with either girl, but there's a certain dynamic which gets missed whenever there's a girl missing. I hope she's pleased to be home, at the moment she's tired. Now both girls are sleeping and I feel the need to follow suit.

*and you can take the daylight in this photo as proof that I safely recreated the experience for photographic purposes rather than click the camera over my shoulder as I drove home. Oh, and it is tied down too. Drive safely girls and boys. And always brush your teeth.


Tina said...

that would be the hat that came with the rain coat??? the hat fish certainly wouldn't wear???

lol dont you just love kids!

and ARGH on the face over your sholder you deserve a medal for not crashing at that moment!

Alesha said...

I was thinking the same thing as Tina - wasn't that the hat she would positively not wear??? Oh, how funny!!!

They make us look the fool without even trying! (Like the time Isaac had been vomiting for days, had held nothing down for 24 hours, sitting in the ER, and the doctor says "Are you sure he's been sick; because he seems really happy and alert and doesn't seem to be sick at all?" Grrrrr! :-)

Welcome back, Mog! Happy sleeping!

Anonymous said...

love LF's tastes


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