Thursday, 18 September 2008


Today I have

taken swabs to the GP to be checked for MRSA
taken small child to preschool, and picked her up again 5 hours later.
fed two small cats.
and again.
taken the rubbish out, put a clean bag in the bin, and promptly filled it with soiled cat litter.
made phonecalls on various legal and medical matters.
taken delivery of exclusive new handwash (if you're going to wash your hands a hundred times before lunchtime you might as well use something which smells and feels good)
And taken delivery of a new feeding pump.

I have made the discovery that the back up feeding pump (used for the first time three days ago) is malfunctioning.

argued with a small child over the advisability (or otherwise) of throwing mashed potato, and have scrubbed chicken soup and mashed potato off the floor, walls and sister's wheelchair.

answered emails and opened post and done several other bits of admin.

In addition, today
I have taken larger child to Rainbows and watched the leader realise for herself how to adapt a project so that she could take part. Yeah. I have helped Mog to participate and listened to her giggle with the other girls.

I have listened to a small girl's chatter about her day. I have watched her experiment and learn for herself that it is necessary to put the paintbrush into the water, then the paint, and only then onto the paper. I have shared her pleasure in noticing that her stoma is finally healing.

I have kissed two girls goodnight and listened as they have settled themselves to sleep without sedation. I have heard the younger girl's prayer and smiled as she insisted on praying for her big sister.

I have stroked two cats, listened to them purring, watched as they vied for my attention, and relaxed as they settled on my lap.

Today I have had several hours in a row where it has not been necessary to talk or even think particularly hard. And several hours where I have been actively busy enjoying my family. It's not a bad life.



clare said...

A prayer answered xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a well balanced day! Hope you got to read your book. I am so glad to hear that LF's stoma is healing. Wonderful news. I was thinking the other tubing was placing too much pull to allow it to heal before and stay healed.

Elinor said...

That's great!

Tina said...

And taken time to be a good friend.
glad you had a good day...


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