Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Blue Peter Hensinger

I got tired of holding Mog's head for her on Sunday, and wedged it with a rolled up scarf. Her Sunday School teacher came up to me and told me she didn't know Mog could sing, she hadn't heard her before. She ate a lick of bread sauce and one of custard at lunchtime. And she kicked me at bedtime. Yesterday, I sent her to school with the same rolled up scarf. And she opened her eyes, and joined in with the lesson. And kicked the bus driver.

Today we went to the wheelchair clinic, and they have ordered her a Hensinger Collar. Which looks to me to be pretty similar, but without the ability to unroll at crucial moments. Amazing what a difference having her neck supported makes - even when she's not obviously struggling to breathe I suppose it must have been more of an effort. I do hope this makes things properly better for her - would be great if something so simple solves so much.

And, because she somehow wriggles in everywhere even if posts are most determinedly not about her, a photo of Little Fish from yesterday once I'd worked out how to immobilise her let her do the washing up without sending it flying.
It's a serious business, cleaning up after Mumma.

She sat cleaning the spoons and forks, I cleared up the worst of the rest of the house. This morning our cleaner came, and I went out and hid in a carpark with a cup of coffee and an iPhone. I then collected the girls from school and went to the wheelchair appointment, taking the last parking space in the whole carpark. We came home later to a house that was gleaming and sparkly with all surfaces clean, all floors clear, all toys pushed to the edges of the rooms put away tidily. And Little Fish elected to play with a puzzle and sit quietly with me to do it. Things were looking good, strong possibility of a house still clean and tidy by bedtime.

And then our friends called in, and their children and LF emptied the ball pool.

They did all have fun though. And sane adult conversation was good too.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful about Mog--hope it continues!]
LF sure looks like she takes her work seriously-- yet having fun at the same time! What a wonderful attitude :>)
Maybe you should bottle some of that up if you can :>)

Tia said...

Oh I'd love to bottle it - I'd use it myself and I'm sure I could sell it for a small fortune! Gumption anyone?

Elinor said...


Anonymous said...

wow, that head support is fab. Wonder if our wheelchair services will allow is one for Celyn? oh look, a flying pig....

Tia said...

I'm not sure how much they are, but they can't cost huge amounts (I assume) since wheelchair services had several of them in stock - just not the small sizes. OT mentioned a prescription form for them - wonder if it's something a GP or physio could prescribe if the WS is unhelpful?

Seem to be around $120 on some of the US sites so they can't cost vastly huge amounts (cheaper than a Whitmeyer for sure).

And if they really won't, the DIY scarf version is doing a pretty good job too - it is amazing what a difference it's making; she's almost back to her old self. Next mission: get her supporting her airway overnight too.


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