Monday, 5 January 2009

My little helper.

Last day of the school holidays here today unless it snows again tonight, and it's not allowed to do that so I'm not even going to think about it . Our plan was to get out and do something fun and back to schooly, but for some reason we didn't quite make it out of the front door.

You know the house isn't in a great state when the cleaner swears when she opens the front door. So, stapling Little Fish to the floor distracting Little Fish with the lure of the Teletubbies, we had a house blitz.

Christmas decorations down, tree in the garden, pine needles clogging the hoover. Two loads of washing processed. Bathroom polished, kitchen tidied, previously undiscovered work surfaces now finally visible.

And then the cleaner went home, and I released Little Fish from her temporary prison cell turned the television off.

And then the doorbell rang, and the man from Abbott Hospital to Home turned up with what was supposed to be a month's worth of feed supplies. For some reason our usual order - four boxes - had multiplied; instead of adding one small fifth box to accommodate the new design of feed bag we now had twelve. Great. I stacked them in the garage, Mog listened to her music, and Little Fish decided the cats were hungry.I found the dustpan and brush, the box for the feed, fresh water, more wet food, and Little Fish decided her baby was hungry and thirsty. So she fed him some cheese and lactulose.And then decided she was hungry herself, and would quite like some bread and milk. So I made her her lunch, and she then decided it needed to be cooked properly.And you thought I was joking about the need to staple her to the floor.

Abandoning all hopes of allowing her out of my sight doing anything productive, I decided we'd do some baking. We made a nice batch of chocolate brownies, and I gave Little Fish the bowl to scrape out.
I thinkshe mighthave enjoyedherself!
And after that a nice long soak in a bath meant that she was finally safely contained in one space for a while, ready for a nice early night, and clean enough to pass muster at school tomorrow.

It's school tomorrow. I can't wait!


Doorless said...

Oh my! She is busy!

Almost American said...

Goodness me! I don't think I've ever seen a kid enjoy cleaning a brownie bowl out quite that much!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow-- what she can't think of to do!

Alesha said...


The cleaning lady SWORE at you when she walked in the front door???

Tia, that is BAD!!!!! :-O

I'm glad I don't have a cleaning lady - I abhor cursing!

'Cause I pretty much know exactly how your house looked after my being sick for over a week, plus having the holidays too.

Yep, there would've been some cussin' goin' on here, too!!!

Thanks for the word picture for my guffaw for the evening!

Tia said...

She didn't swear AT me - she just swore as she walked through the door and saw the mess! And usually we are out when she comes so she probably wasn't expecting us to be at home - we try to avoid her as she works much better when Little Fish is not trying to help.


Sara x said...

Little fish, gives the phrase a bundle of energy new meaning. Hope you get chance to relax when they are at school.

Robyn said...

oh how it makes me chuckle how she keeps (you) active....:)


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