Saturday, 17 January 2009

Washing the blues reds away

So, two weeks ago, I bought myself a rather nice, smart, soft, beautiful cardigan. This cardigan actually (and I paid quite a bit more than that, even though it was officially "on sale"). It's pretty. It has thistle-y things on it. It's snuggly. And it looks fairly smart. Oh, and it's warm.

Somehow, it got included in the wash I did this morning. A white wash, naturally. I now have beautiful pink pants, vests, bibs, socks, tshirts, and school uniforms. Oops.

That, though annoying, is just one of those things. I haven't done it for a while, it was probably about time I did. Mog's white long sleeved tee has actually come out a very faint marshmallow; it's very pretty. And her uniform polo shirts no longer look dribble stained - just pinky-orange. That is also possibly an improvement. I should probably get the bleach out.

But oh, my cardigan. I mourn.
Little Fish has a nice new felted wool jacket. Much too nice for a muddy toddler.



Tina said...

Oh poor cardi...did you buy that at Bay Tree?

glad the dye didnt ruin too much! I have some nicely colour changed things from a similar mistake.

Robyn said...

oh my!!!!

Doorless said...

Wow! That is too bad. It looked like a lovely sweater. Can you take it back? I hope you can rescue the other clothes.


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