Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Shame is:

A beautifully peaceful morning. All children in school, albeit only for a couple of hours, all kinds of things which ought to have been done, but horizontal on the settee won. Very nice.

And then Little Fish came back from school, and pottered around for a few minutes before coming back to look at me very seriously. "Mummy, maybe you and me tidy the kitchen together. It is messy. You an me clean it together." My three year old child thinks that I need help in the cleaning department, and not only that, thinks things are bad enough that sorting them out should take priority over eating cheese or watching the Teletubbies.

I suppose it is just possible that she may have had a point...

So, we tidied. Well, I tidied, and washed up, and dried up, and put things away. Little Fish sat sipping tiny sips of juice from one of her doll's cups and passing comment "You hands dirty Mummy" "Those bubbles hot Mummy" "This one broken Mummy", and then started passing me items from various cupboards to wash, clearly thinking that the general washing up was not sufficient. And then she got cross that I refused to wash the trays up, and went off to sort things out in her own play kitchen.

I finished the washing up, abandoned the rest of the kitchen, made lunch for us both and came back to the sitting room. Now we had visitors last night, planned visitors, so the sitting room had been tidy. Apparently it's only mess in the kitchen Little Fish worries about though, as she was kind enough to pass this on to me to deal with.
I do wonder why I bother.

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Alesha said...

It's like having a little "Jiminy Cricket" of your own. :-) (You know, like "Pinocchio"?)

At least you cleaned up a little before the cleaning lady comes again. I'm still giggling over that - and the fact that she most likely didn't think you were home makes it even funnier to me! It's rare to catch people at their most honest moments like that!!! :-D

It's good that you don't give in to LF's every whim - like refusing to wash things that weren't dirty! Because can you imagine how she'll be as a teen, if she's given full reign now??? :-)

BUT God gives leadership qualities for a reason! Who knows what great place He is preparing for her one day! It's exciting to think about!

I hope you know that your stories of her bring such great delight to so many of us. My hubby especially is smitten with her! :-) He subscribes to your blog to read her latest story and see the delightful pictures. (And your Mog has a special place in his heart as well, since she reminds him so much of Isaac.)

Yep! Little Fish has many fans!!!

Thanks for sharing her with us,

mq, cb said...

I concur with Alesha. I too am a Little Fish fan. Maybe we should start a club - the Sprats?

Doorless said...

I agree. I love the LF stories and look foreword to what she does next. She always manages to biring a smile to me. But, then I do not have to clean up after her or on demand!

Tia said...

If you do decide to start a fan club then please don't whatever you do let her know! She already has a high enough opinion of herself! I like the Sprats though - does that mean I can call her a Spratling? Step up (or down) from a bratling.

Have to say I'm probably one of her biggest fans though - she is fairly fabby and generally has the ability to make me laugh no matter what we're doing.

Today she is convinced she can spell her own name. It's not a complicated name but it is unusual. She believes it consists of two letters, each repeated twelve times (imagine spelling Anna "ah nuh ah nuh ah nuh ah nuh ah nuh ah nuh ah nuh" and you won't be far off).


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