Friday, 9 January 2009

Just another day

A nice day, a lunch with friends day, a laugh yourself silly (and be thankful you are single and don't have to care for husbands incapacitated by bad backs) day, a coffee and cakes and carers' humour day. A blog post mentally written by friends at the time, but I'm afraid I got distracted with my shiny new iPhone which was waiting for me when I got home, so you've got these photos instead.

We all have responsibilities in this house. Little Fish believes she is responsible for everything (others disagree). Mog's biggest task right at the moment is to keep breathing and not fitting, but she's also responsible for kicking visitors, choosing our background music, ensuring I don't get any sleep oversleep, looking pretty, and generally keeping life interesting. I appear to be responsible for everything in this house not presently carried out by either girl.

That's the human part of the household. The fish are responsible for having babies, and are a useful bribe reward for visiting children - coats and shoes seem to find their way onto bodies and feet much more willingly when the fish need feeding before departure.

Which leaves the feline population. Goway may be seen here in his role as guard cat.
Seen here on patrol, it is his job to ensure that Mog's blanket does not get kicked off her feetAnd that her feet don't fall off the footplates. It is a job he takes very seriously.He also keeps a careful eye on any potential hazards, for example sweet wrappers, puzzle pieces, suction catheters and woodlice.

When not needed to guard Mog's feet, he moonlights as a supply clerk, doing his best to reduce wasteHere he may be seen rationing suction catheters, double checking feed supplies and insisting that the batteries are fully empty before releasing the charger and cable.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Suction Cath is ready and waiting.



mq, cb said...

Oooh, you have an iPhone. Tell me, is it worth it? Are you in love?

Tia said...

I'm not in love yet.

Good points: ordered it yesterday and it was here by 12 today. It comes in a really, really nice feeling cardboard box (I realise that makes me weird!). Text messages with it are very easy to read and the whole conversation is displayed not unlike MSN. This is nice. When you use it for the internet, if you turn it round, it moves the screen - this is oddly satisfying but freaky at the same time.

Bad points: it doesn't come with an instruction manual, you cannot use it even as a basic phone without connecting it to iTunes first which in my case meant downloading iTunes. I had to watch a youTube video to work out where to insert the SIM card. I need to find something to protect the screen and come kind of pockety type thing. I keep hitting the wrong key on the tiny on-screen keyboard.

So, not totally in love yet. But I can see how it is going to be one of my more useful gadgets. Just need to work out how it all works.


Sarah said...

ooh, I got my iphone just before Christmas and am very much in love (yes, even with the packaging too) - although likewise had to youtube for a vid to show me where to put the sim. The predictive text is quite good if you just make the odd typo, I like having qwerty and can use it fairly fast now. Haven't really tried blogging from it though, is there a blogger application for iphone?
(and may I recommend 'lock and roll' as a rather addictive free game to download!)

Tia said...

I don't know about mobile blogging applications but thought I would share the fact that it is definitely possible to comment via iPhone! Need to sort out my wireless stuff as it's all a little slow right now, but I'm sure it'll come eventually.

I have a feeling I may regret learning about addictive new games. If my blogging tails off, you'll know why!

Question for other iPhone owners; is it safe to put it in your pocket, or will it snap?

Robyn said...

i do lurve versatile cats....our female often acts as a foot or lap warmer which is uber handy at the moment...the male just likes to plonk himself in the way

getting my iphone in a couple of weeks..cant wait!!

Sarah said...

mine's been fine in my pocket :) I do have a protective thing on the screen and a little rubber jacket on it though.


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