Saturday, 10 January 2009

You might have a medically complex sibling if

You take the fabric seat off your doll's buggy and use it as a play hoist-sling.
You change your doll's nappy and give it a bottle and then give it suction too.
Your doll gets to play a bit and then do physio "big stretches".

You know the format for a proper medical handover and tell the doctors what is wrong before your parent gets a look-in.
You can count the different medicines and turn the feed pump on and off more easily than the babysitters.

You know when your sister needs help and when she's just teasing you.
You understand your sister can't move towards you and so you deliberately position yourself within reach so she can kick you - and then you come to Mumma telling tales!

You accept the fact that your sister needs a lot of help, and in fact you see your sister needing so much extra help that you refuse to accept that you might also have disabilities of your own which might limit you somewhat.


Doorless said...

Might this be on the job training? LF is really a neat child.

Robyn said...

lol what was she feeding her in that pic?? choc?

Anonymous said...

how about you brand name wheelchairs and walkers when spotting them in the street or when asked what noise a Panther makes you go ring ring (bell on Matthews chair!!)

Or every time you park the car a voice in the back asked if it is a disabled place.

Or (!) your job in the family is to get and attach the straps in the wav (also knowing what wav stands for and what it is by the age of 4!)

Tia said...

Not chocolate - it's an ancient pic but from memory it is spaghetti bolognese (pureed).

She's always been keen to help.


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