Sunday, 11 January 2009

Day of rest?

My alarm woke me this morning which makes a nice change from child and cat combo. I say nice change; my mobile phone doubles as my alarm clock. New phone: new alarm. I set it last night, selected a tone for it and chose the "alarm" tone as didn't think I could face waking up to a Mariachi band or any of the other options available.

With hindsight, I should probably have tested this.

As it was, I was sleeping soundly when suddenly aWOOGA aWOOGa aWOOGa aWOOGa a nuclear submarine siren had me off the bed and practically out of the house with two girls in tow before I realised what it was. Not the gentlest way to wake up. Note to self: research gentle "pip pip" alarm tones before bed tonight.

Anyway, up, and awake - very awake - I leapt into action and started sorting the house ready for visitors. Our carer arrives to find me up to my elbows in vegetables and cheese sauce, with both girls awake and still somewhat shellshocked from our wake-up call. Two girls (and myself) dressed, hair and teeth brushed, joint in the oven and we head off to church.

Back from church to find our guests already home, and wonderfully, they have washed up and cleared a pathway through the clutter to all the chairs. It is good to have friends with similar lifestyles! The girls and Comeback were definitely pleased to see our friends:
I'm not sure what the girls were doing here, but they managed to snap out of it quickly enough!
Rosie wasn't quite so sure
But decided he might be just about ok
And actually reasonably interesting
Until he tried to climb further onto her leg; I missed the flying cat pic but it's probably for the best.

I'm reliably informed, by those most in a position to know, that Rosie likes pushing prams and buggies but never with dolls in them.
She does like to keep people guessing!

Meanwhile as this handsome young man relaxed in the sitting room
And these telly addicts chilled (quite literally; I forgot to switch the radiator on) in the playroom
This young man, without being asked, very kindly cleared up in the kitchen for me.And then relaxed with spot a music before, all too soon, it was time for the family to load up and leave us.
Thanks for coming, guys, we loved having you! Shame it's such a distance.

One slightly wobbly Little Fish after they had left, but quickly diverted with a reminder about our next activity. Into our own bus, pick up Grannie and Grandad and off to the pool for a special ROSY swim. Not many families taking it up this time, so we had the pool entirely to ourselves for an hour; lovely.

Back to Grannie and Grandad's house for a cup of tea then back home in time for a foody tea "Mumma I want meat tonight please. Not cold meat, hot meat, you microwave it please", showers and bed for small people.

And now bed for bigger people too I think.


Tina said...

We had a wonderful time and were very full from your wonderful dinner! Thank you so much!
You are very clever living so close to David's family!

Alesha said...

I'm glad you guys had such a nice visit! I'm a little jealous, I think. :-)



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