Monday, 19 January 2009

I give up.

I just tipped my nice hot lemsip into my cutlery drawer.

And emptied it, dripping, into a bowl of hot soapy water. And made the mistake of letting Little Fish help wash them up.

Two minutes later I had this
on the table and a flood of hot soapy water all over the kitchen floor.

I went to get a towel, and discovered Little Fish had been ahead of me.
Is it bed time yet?


Tina said...

such a helpful child!

Doorless said...

Such a busy child. Never a dull moment at your house.

odkaczaƂka said...

don't give up /hug/

Sarah said...

sorry, I just can't help being in awe of the variety of cutlery in your drawer! I like the green and orange knife and fork :)

(she is a pickle, isn't she?!)

Tia said...

The cutlery - The blue-handled stuff is the first cutlery I bought for myself when I had my very own bedsit for the very first time. It looks like camping cutlery but it's really nice to hold. The bright plastic stuff is IKEA's finest, courtesy of a camping trip when I forgot to bring any with me. The blue plastic stuff is Woolworth's (RIP) picnic cutlery, and was our camping stuff before the IKEA stuff replaced it. And the stainless steel stuff was my Grandmother's.

The soft tipped plastic weaning spoons are the best ones for Mog's mouth when she's eating, the double ended ones are medicine spoons, the other plastic ones are random baby spoons, and the mini cutlery is what Little Fish now tries to use.

There are also two stainless steel toothpicks which came with Grandma's stuff and have not been used since, assorted Japanese and Korean chopsticks, a very nice mother of pearl handled butter knife, a couple of cheese graters, a corkscrew, and a fish slice.

I have only three serving spoons and one soup spoon though, and I don't know why.


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