Thursday, 8 January 2009

Courtney, Courtney!

We had a visitor today.
I think it's safe to say both girls were pretty pleased to see their COURTNEY COURTNEY!In fact, I think everyone wanted to see herAnd talk to her, and do puzzles with her,
and show off our new skills with a paintbrushand get all beautifully excited about her, and be more animated and communicative than we've seen for weeks.

And then of course to get wildly overexcited when it's time to get ready for bed.And have to put your tights over your headbecause it is the funniest thing everuntil, suddenly,it is time for sleep.Goodnight, Little Fish! And bye bye Courtney, see you in the summer.



Courtney Cookson said...

it was the funniest thing ever! it had me laughing for ages!
thanks for having me, im off to shower off the soggy pizza which appears to have attached itself about my person!
tell the girls i love them!

Elinor said...

Ah, the old tights over the head gag...fab! And how great to see Mog responding.


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