Monday, 12 January 2009

We haven't had the best of days.

Little Fish woke up this morning saying "I not go school today too sad to go school." And stuck to it. She clamped her hands over her wheels and refused to move. I carried her to the bus, she screamed. The bus had no carseat; in the seconds it took me to fetch ours she went completely loopy and the driver refused to take her.

I drove her to school myself and left her in the classroom, her screams echoing through the corridors for a thirty second eternity until she found a friend and a toy and was fine.

I came home and argued with the wheelchair repairman who, despite admitting to having a 3 year old son, couldn't understand why my own 3 year old shouldn't make do with a buggy and might object to being pushed everywhere by someone else. Thankfully he was only in charge of repairs not supply.

I spent one hour on hold and then had to leave a message anyway. I spent another age waiting to speak to someone else who wasn't available. And two phonecalls bringing yet more problems.

I have been lied to by one person, misled by another and misunderstood by a third.

And my kettle has broken, I have trodden on Little Fish's glasses, and whilst typing this Mog has woken up into a seizure.

There's more but that's a flavour of the day.

edited today Tuesday because for some reason I wasn't able to get back into blogger to fix the mistakes last night. And because apparently I don't type so well when I'm cross!


Doorless said...

I just hate days like that. Tomorrow will be better.Praying

Elinor said...

Hoping today is better for you and the girls, Tia.

Clare said...

Huge my thoughts and prayers x

Doorless said...

I loved the Tue post. It was a good pick me up. Loved the cat and had me laughing so hard. How funny. The videos with the girls were sweet. Thanks for the laugh. It has been a hard day here and -4f today! UGH. Then too more snow tonight.


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