Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Day two in the Helen House

11.45 pm.

Little Fish is asleep. Earlier, a small fight broke out between LF and her carer when it was discovered that Upsy Daisy pyjamas were not yet dry. Alternatives were not acceptable, and LF was late to bed as she waited for them to dry.

This morning Little Fish found a selection of dolls to play with, painted a picture and her jumper and liberated a box of stickers from their drawer.

Mog is also asleep in bed. A chat with the night staff revealed that she had had the best night they had ever known last night, and hope has been building that once her profiling bed appears at home she will be able to repeat the experience. Earlier today Mog spent time in the therepy room having an aromatherapy massage.

Both girls were visited by the in house school teacher and by a physiotherapist. They also both had baths and enjoyed going into the garden.

Tia is hoping this is slightly more interesting than channel4's version but is not convinced.

Earlier today Tia enjoyed waking up slowly and then drinking coffee in bed. She then spent the day with her girls, enjoying their company as others did the hard work. She particularly enjoyed handing soggy children to others to be made clean. Later on, Tia escaped the House for a couple of hours and went out for supper with a friend. This was quite possibly the highlight of her day.

Tia came back to the house where she held a conversation with the night staff before coming upstairs to her flat where she had a glass of wine and readxa book, revelling in the fact that she will not be disturbed in the night nor need an early start in the morning.

To evict Tia and the girls from the house do not call any numbers. All three will be evicted in good time on Friday.
Until then,


Doorless said...

Lovely! Just lovely! Enjoy you deserve it. I do hope the bed comes soon for you and Mog. We are still waiting on the overlay for the Princess' chair.

Tina said...

All wonderful news...enjoy the rest of your rest!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are all so relaxed and happy.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

You need to put 'to be read in a thick Geordie accent' at the beginning!!

Glad you are having a restful time!

Anonymous said...

You need to put 'to be read in a thick Geordie accent' at the beginning!

Glad you are having a restful time!

Almost American said...

What a wonderful sounding break - time to relax for you, but without actually having to be away from the girls (which I'm sure would be stressful!)

Michelle said...

Wow, coffee in bed! Wonderful. Well deserved vacation!


Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous - hope the rest of the stay is as relaxing :)

Sara x said...

Glad you are getting chance to relax, enjoy and recharge xx


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