Sunday, 18 January 2009

Spot the mistake.

When we got to church this morning, Little Fish's wheelchair looked like thisI'm impressed that we made it, really. She didn't tip up once. We walked back through the carpark, no sign of the missing item (worked it out yet?). We walked home the same route we'd walked in, and again no sign. We came home and searched the house incase we'd somehow managed to leave it behind altogether, but no luck there either.

Last week's story was about the woman who lost her treasure, tidied and swept her house until she found her coin, and then threw a party to celebrate its return. I'll throw a party for anyone who finds this; until it turns up Little Fish will be confined to her Lomax which really doesn't have the same panache. Or stability - in fact I'm sure there was a recall notice out last month. Today's story was about the man who found buried treasure in a field he was digging, sold all he had to buy the field, then rescued the treasure. I can't promise to give you all I have, but I might bake a cake for anyone who finds it.

Side note, and unrelated to our missing item (noticed yet?), I wonder what the other 9 coins felt like. Or if coins don't have feelings, the 99 good sheep. Or the son who stayed home and didn't waste his inheritance on the high life. Always seemed a little unfair to me. "You work hard, you do as you're told, you get on with things, you don't rebel, now go and throw a party for the one who did". I'm probably missing the point.

Back to the chair; Little Fish has been very bothered about this. So we rescued the Lomax from the garage, and dug out a bowl of water and cloths to clean it up. Little Fish was well prepared. It's fun being three. We cleaned and we scrubbed, and we scrubbed and we polished, and we got rid of the cobwebs and mould and most of the rust, and we have a chair she can take to school tomorrow.

Exhausted, we sat down together for a bit before bedtime. Little Fish found the camera. I'm not convinced she's improving.
But I might steal it for a profile pic somewhere.

I might also think about contact lenses.

And then to bed, and "pray Mumma, pray". So we prayed, "Thank you God for church and for lunch and for Grannie and Grandad and chocolate buttons my very favourite". And then a small addendum "and God my wheel please". So if anyone fancies answering a small child's prayer, could you tell me where her missing wheel has gone?



Tina said...

How strange...I hope it either turns up or wheelchair services can get you a replacement ASAP. Glad the clean up was fun!

Love the simple prayers of Children....I think God does too!

Tia said...

Sadly it's not a wheelchair service provided wheelchair, so we're on our own with a replacement. The replacement spoke guard was £75, wonder how much a wheel will be? And how long it'll take to get here - at least we could tape the broken spoke guard together for her.


Anonymous said...

Can you 'liberate' a wheel (preferably not the wonky one) next time you are at the supermarket?! Has your super efficient cleaning lady tidied it up somewhere?

Good luck on the hunt!


Doorless said...

Whoa! LF did very good to not tip with the wheel gone. Have you tried the trash or toy box. That is where we find missing things. At least thai is where we found them when Amber was here.
Hope it is not too costly. Could the chair be on warenty?

Sarah said...

oh bless her, if ever there was a prayer that needed answering, that is it. Really hope the wheel turns up as I know how expensive these things are to replace.

Anonymous said...

Could Whizz Kids help with the cost?


Anonymous said...

does it need to be a particular wheel? I'm still a novice at all things wheelchair but I do have an anti tip wheel from a paed chair (tiny one) by my front door doing nothing! Is it worth a try?

Alesha said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe she didn't tip it! THAT is the miracle of your day yesterday, I think.

Now, we'll ask for another miracle for today, that you find that wheel!

(Of course, I have been known to ask-and receive-more than one miracle a day! lol!)

Is there a local paper you can advertise with? I'm wondering if one of the neighbors along your route picked it up for safe keeping. Maybe a door-to-door inquiry would help? A lot of work, I know!

Praying you find it!

Tia said...

I do like the idea of liberating one from a supermarket; but supermarket trolley wheels are generally of a strong political bent* and she's a little young for that! Don't think an anti-tip wheel would fit, as it is the whole caster with the fork thingy which has gone, and it needs to be able to turn freely.

I spoke to Hewerdine and apparently Otto Bock will only accept that their product is faulty if they can examine it at length first. So the fact that it was faulty enough to vanish mid-walk means that we can't have it repaired or replaced under warrantee and need to order a new one. It was six weeks for the spoke guard so I suspect it'll be a similar amount of time for the wheel. Hey Ho.


*leaning heavily to the left or the right.


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