Sunday, 10 January 2010


We left the house today. We went to church; the girls went off to Godzone, where I'm told Mog slept peacefully and Little Fish may have done some colouring in.

Then we came home where Mog continued to sleep peacefully, and Little Fish had a major meltdown. And then my stomach decided it didn't like living off Christmas Chocolates and gave me a funny few hours; I went to bed, and Little Fish came beetling up in her little chair saying "Don't worry, Mummy, we will look after you." Very sweet. For about 20 minutes at which point she decided she didn't like the responsibility and insisted I had to be better now, incase Mog choked. So I took over the settee instead. And Mog did not choke.

And then I checked the answerphone messages from the past week (oops) and discovered that we have extra carers booked in just about every evening next week (hurrah!), and that one cat is due a booster injection (boo). Swapped texts with friends, watched Little Fish slowly dismantle the sitting room, failed to prevent the cats polishing off the rest of our savoury mince, tossed Little Fish into bed and opened the door to Mog's carer.

Came here, sat down, typed this, and realised I haven't yet emptied Little Fish's commode, which is sitting in the bathroom, scenting Mog's shower nicely. So, leaving you all with the fascinating minutiae of our day, I'll go and empty it now.

Aren't you glad I blogged tonight?


MOM2_4 said...

Feel better soon!

Doorless said...

Hope you are better soon. Glad you have the extra help. LF is so sweet and guess where she learned it from!

Sara x said...

Hope you feel better soon. xxx

Elinor said...

Nonsense! We hang on your every word!

Hope the tum recovers.


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