Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Especially for Alison

Your wish is my command!

Woke up this morning, checked, and discovered both schools open as normal. Then had phonecall from carer cancelling, shortly followed by information Mog's school shut, closely followed by information that Little Fish's school opening late. Little Fish is using Mog's buggy to get to school
Which means I can't push Mog in it, nor can Mog drive LF's powerchair (which doesn't like this weather very much). Another friend to the rescue; handy having friends who work in the school which has closed. So, one Little Fish wrapped up warmly and escorted to school by mad friend who then walked through snow flurries to do shopping on other side of town entirely, getting home just in time to set out again to collect Little Fish for meAnd whilst Mog snoozed to her music, and Goway searched desperately for a warm spot to wee outside
I settled down to some of thisBeen a long time in coming but finally Gotcha is beginning to accept his role as a self-insulated hot water bottle. Now if I could just teach him to jump up rather than biting my toes until I lift him...

The BBC says it's raining, my window says it's snowing. One school says it's shut and the other says it's open tomorrow. Mog is giggling wildly; very pleased with herself. That's the last time I give her extra movicol before checking that school and carers are on.


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MOM2_4 said...

Love trying to be 2 places at once. So glad you had a friend who could help you out.


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