Friday, 22 January 2010

It is finished

It's not about the sentence, it's not, really, about who is to blame. It's about raising awareness of what should be a self-evident risk, and hopefully about ensuring this never happens again.



Order and Chaos said...

Hear hear to that Tia.
It must never happen to anyone again.
RIP Goldie. :-(

overthehill said...

bless you Tia may your lovely goldie rest in peace.
olive (fostering and adoption forum)

Sara x said...

Nothing will change the loss of such a wonderful spirit. Hugs for you all today. xx

R said...

Goldie was beautiful. I'm glad, for you, that there is an end to this now - and, of course, for the so weepingly obvious yet sorely needed reminder about safety.

(Would you prefer she be called Yelena now that her story and name is public?)

Many, many hugs, Tia.

Jules said...

Thinking of you, and of course of

Michelle said...

Tia, although I knew you lost a precious daughter I did not know the story. I am driven to anger, tears, and heart-felt sympathy for Goldie and for you. I'm praying that God will surround you with his love and fill your heart with peace, knowing that Goldie is with HIM who gives life.

Your friend on the other side

Doorless said...

Although I am not clear on the entire story but only know the loss and anguish you suffered as someones grevious error I am glad there is finally closure. It will never bring lovely happy, fun loving Goldie back but maybe just maybe there will be reform and change so this will never ever happen again !
Thank you for loving Goldie so much. I used to enjoy you telling about some of her fun ways and miss them.
Hugs and prayers for you.

PMDPeter said...

I hope that this is finally the end to this tragic event. It has ben traumatic for all closely involved.

I know that in my area, instructions to staff were rewritten within a very short time of the initial incident and simple equipment purchased to hopefully ensure it cannot happen here.

Lets hope that Goldie can now rest undisturbed.


MOM2_4 said...

Hugs & Prayers. It's been such a long process, praying that closure can now come.

Anonymous said...

hugs to all of you.
Riven and Celyn

Elinor said...

I always enjoy reading all your memories of Goldie, Tia.


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