Sunday, 24 January 2010

Update on Mog

So, having spent the day trying to coax Mog's body into bending, she settled off to sleep after much twitching and a goodly dose of sedative. Only to wake at 3, cold and shivering. I tucked her up, propped her more upright as she was bendier and wasn't impressed with being flat. And then this morning I awoke to the sounds of a gargle gargle drown snort pant pant panic, and discovered her with a raging temp and a massive seizure.

Her chest sounds rubbishly full of grot, so the question now becomes; has she been brewing this hence her discomfort and spasm over the past few days, or is the result of not being upright as much as normal?



Swift said...

I hope Mog catches a break, and that the grot magically goes away...and no need to visit the other half of the building I'm going to be 'holidaying' in later in the week.

Good luck with all the preventatives...

Anonymous said...

Praying Mog gets better not worse - very soon! Catherine xxx

Doorless said...

I vote she was not completely cleared from the last bout. Praying she is better soon!

Order and Chaos said...

Sending good wishes to you Mog (and to your Mum too) - hope this is just the result of lying down and not a rotten bug.


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