Friday, 7 December 2012

Blogging Matters

I've had to put the comment verification thingy back up; I was getting over 100 spam mails a day and they were multiplying rapidly.

Spam is weird stuff. A lot was simply long lists of links. But one was a lengthy piece about the unwisdom of blogging about my grandmother, another believed my commentators were "brain dead" and a third told me repeatedly my spelling was rubbish and my photos lacked "pop". All with a handy link to a variety of different and generally inappropriate websites.

I wonder why the spammers are so sure I and my readers would be interested in products designed to augment certain appetites or increase the size of various bits of anatomy? And I also wonder why insulting the blogger is seen as a sensible marketing tool?


1 comment:

MortimerBones said...

Did you know that thirteen million tins of spam are sold in the UK every year? I wonder whether you could tin all yours and make a tidy profit - it might cover the cost of moving the neighbours 'getting in the way of the van parking' obstacles... or indeed the whole street....



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