Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wahey for the Wahooligan!

Six years ago, I collected a small and somewhat fragile baby from hospital, and took him home for a while. I love having babies for Christmas; there's an excellent precedent.

I remember celebrating one week without a hospital admission; it took longer than you'd think. I remember his first admission for RSV, his first seizure, his first joy at a particularly nice crinkly flappy fluffy toy.

And I remember extolling his virtues to a friend of mine, trying to push this baby and this friend together.

Three years ago, we welcomed the Wahooligan back into our lives for a little while. And that same friend and her family stepped in to help out for a while when we went on a previously booked holiday, and when tLP had hip surgery.

And my friend fell in love with the Wahooligan, and I think the feeling was mutual, and so they stayed together.

And lots of things happened, and life got complicated, and that's not my story to tell.

But today I stood in court and watched a Judge pronounce them Mother and Son. A new name for the Wahooligan, and a long long time coming.

In that courtroom were all the people the Wahooligan had ever lived with, along with the social workers who had done their part in making it all happen. And one small boy, staring at his Mummy and calling for a toy.

There's been a lot of loss, a lot of sadness, and a fair amount of serious medical whatsittery. There's also been a lot of continuity, for the Wahooligan's former carers were also tLP's former carers, and for a little while former siblings played together as friends as adults caught up and remembered.

And today a new name, a new relationship, a new family created. And from now, I very much hope, the start of a long and happy ending.

So Wahey for the Wahooligan, and may he be singing on for a long time to come!



Alesha said...

So wonderful! Congrats to the new family, and may God bless their days together with peace and health and much joy!

That's so nice that you were able to be there to witness the adoption today...what a great celebration!


Tina said...

Wonderful do pleased for all of you. I remember the day you knew wahoo login was coming too.

Wahoolagon autocorrect will not be corrected.


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