Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Happies.

Hearing: Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite.

Seeing: Mog's new projector; deeply intense green stars covering bed and walls and ceiling. And a hint of fairy glitter for hair.

Smelling: lavender and rose hand creams, coconut body wash, Christmas candles burning gently, and a pine tree gradually shedding needles.

Touching: snuggled into soft new pyjamas, with furry coats and super soft socks stored for the morning.

Tasting: blended turkey and sprouts. Licking rum sauce and brandy butter and chocolate truffles and bread sauce.

Doing: playing stomp rockets in the park, cuddling on the settee, having stories and playing games, making Lego stables and wooden castles, exploring the new keyboard for the iPad.

Loving: spending time with family. Listening to cousins negotiating a relationship no longer conducted via Skype. Stepping out of routine as much as possible to play games, read stories, cook Christmas yummies.

Thinking: of friends we will be seeing in just a few days, and of friends and family we'd love to see but can't.

Making: memories.


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Tina said...

So good to see those smiles


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