Tuesday 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas.

Stockings and Father Christmas, Carols and church, presents and lunch and family phone calls. All the ingredients of our traditional Christmas, complete with Brandy Butter left in the 'fridge at the wrong house, slices of Christmas cake stripped of marzipan and icing and crumbled on the plate, a post-prandial stroll to find the local Christmas lights. The inevitable "I'm bored" from a child temporarily inconvenienced by being required to stop for lunch, presents minus tags or having had tags exchanged, an unwrappable gift (tropical fish don't do well left under the tree for a day or three), and a minor spillage of something stain-y onto a cream carpet.

A lovely, relatively unstressed, gentle day spent with family and in contact with friends. Giggles from Mog and approval from tLP.



And mixed in with the celebrations, thoughts for friends - plural - who have seriously ill children in hospital today. Friends - again plural - who have seriously ill children at home. Friends - still plural - facing their first Christmas without one of their beloved children. It's been a rough year.

And as the girls sleep - one peacefully, the other very fitfully - and outside, fireworks mingle with late night dog revellers, singers, and a fairly rowdy domestic disagreement, I pray that there has been peace and joy and love today for everyone in some measure.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tia. Echoing your thoughts for all those facing heartache at this time.



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