Thursday, 20 March 2008

Back to Reality

You'll be relieved to know that I survived the perils of the underground, had a nice uneventful train from Paddington, and made it home again without problems. Being a couple of hours earlier than planned, I went to our local camping shop and bought our new tent. It's nice. Big. Huge, in fact; I can't carry the bag by myself so it's just as well we'll have plenty of wheelchairs I can use as barrows. An under-advertised advantage of camping with wheelchair users. Then again, if the girls didn't have their wheelchairs, we wouldn't need the vast tent anyway and could make do with my nice handy easy to put up smaller one. Still, we have a new tent, it's big, it's solid, and if I paid £4 for a discount card it was "just" £149 rather than £300. Hurrah.

I picked up Mog's stuff from the hospice and then collected Mog herself. The hospice likes departing children to be gone by 11AM so they can clean through the room and write notes before the next lot of children begin to arrive at 3. I'm grateful to Mog's other family; they usually collect Mog for me and she has fun with them until I'm ready to collect her. It's great - gives me another day off, another child-free lunch, and gives them more time together. Mog was being entertained today by small children cooking with chocolate. Fun!

So, extract Mog from the chocolate factory and round to collect Little Fish. I think Mog was pleased to see me; she certainly wasn't displeased, although I suspect I may have collected her before she got to taste the finished product. Oops. That or the evil glare was to do with having left her at the hospice. However, there was no doubt at all about Little Fish's joy at my arrival! Two chubby arms wrapped around my neck so tightly one little chubby cheek crushed into my chin, a great big whole upper body hug and huge massively vast grin. And no tears which was very reassuring. She was also sharing a settee with the Woof-Cat without fear; might she actually be getting over this fear of cats? Could it be time for us to start looking again?

Two girls in the bus and home James. Little Fish was in highly bossy mood for the rest of the afternoon, instructing me where to sit and what to do, and pushing Mog around the playroom in her wheelchair. Mog herself was very fitty/twitchy/jumpy/spasmy; I think she's having a hard time adjusting to this latest reduction of her Vigabatrin. It all fell apart for both of them around 5, by which time our carer was here anyway thankfully, so we threw them in a shower together and then on into bed. I suspect I may be getting up rather earlier tomorrow than I have done these past few days!

And now I must go as Mog's just woken herself up with another seizure. It could be a long night.


Tina said...

Gld you have ahad a good holiday, good to have you back.
Wonderful welcome, but hope the seizures settle.
much love

Doorless said...

Wow! Back to reality! I just hate drug weans. Lets hope she doesn't get worse and you are able to get some rest.


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