Saturday, 29 March 2008

Happy Birthday Little Fish

And see what Little Fish's favourite present was.

Something every little girl should have.
A Thomas the Tank Engine Lego set! "Play, Mummy, play!". Thank you Grannie and Grandad. She has gone to bed one very happy little girl, full of plans for tomorrow which include more "play put that that there" and lots of cooking too apparently.

No pictures of the cake as it just doesn't look the same when it has had chunks cut out of it. But a very cool car cake with giant chocolate button wheels, and frogs and nodding dogs as passengers. Thanks again Grannie!

We are sorry we missed our get together, but Little Fish has still had a generally excellent day. Mog seems to have enjoyed herself too.



MOM2_4 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Robyn said...

happy birthday LF...xxxxx

Tina said...

Glad ou had a good day...happy birthday Little Fish

Anonymous said...

OOH!! A belated happy birthday to you xxx


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