Friday, 21 March 2008

Out of practice

Argh. I am still too relaxed - my reactions are not back up to speed. Otherwise the following conversation would not have taken place.

The scene: our kitchen.

One woman, doing valiant battle with a pile of washing up.
One medium sized girl, sitting in a wheelchair, trying to kick the radio off a nearby stool.
One small girl, sitting in a wheelchair, eating her spinach-based dinner.
One small doll in a buggy, wrapped in a blanket, and positioned where she can "watch" small girl eat.

Little Fish "Mummy, Baby kicky"
Mummy "Oh, your baby is kicking? Like Mog?"
LF "No, Mummy, Baby kicky"
Mummy "Oh, she's cooking?"
LF, exasperated, wheels herself over to Mummy neatly driving her footplates into Mummy's calves and tugging at a trouser leg with one green hand "Mummy, Baby kicky".

Mummy turns around to discover that Baby is indeed very STICKY, LF having generously attempted to share her spaghetti and spinach with her.

Why is it never the washable dolls who get fed? And why do they never get fed the foods which would match the hair or clothing? And, whilst we're on the topic, why is it impossible to find a completely plastic baby doll these days? All ours have squishy middles, much nicer to cuddle but much harder to keep clean.

Can I go back to London, please?


Anonymous said...

We love our baby born dolls..they have enjoyed the delights of making mud pies, sledging and sandcastle making and still look as good as new!!

I love reading your blog..It makes me feel I am not alone in this crazy world of children!!

Tina said...

most squishy middled dolls survive a trip through our washin long as they dont need batteries for some action...the amazing Amy doll christina got or her 2nd borthday did not srvive the bath christina gave her a few weeks later!!!


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