Monday, 24 March 2008

Note to self:

Bathing the toddler in the kitchen sink is a good plan. It saves water, she still (just) fits, the sides support her back, and the taps can be turned off hard enough that she can't reach them.

Well done on remembering to move the washing up liquid, soap liquid, alcohol gel and fish-bowl-scrubber out of reach, well done on removing the medicines bag, and on managing to wedge the drawers shut so she couldn't pour bubbles into them.

However, once the water has gone, and when the child refuses to leave the sink and be wrapped in a nice fluffy towel, if you decide to walk out on the child until they are ready to get dressed, do please make sure you haven't left a stack of chocolate on the windowsill.



Alesha said...

OHHHhhhhhhh, bummer!!!

Did she eat is ALL?


MOM2_4 said...

OH NO! Not the chocolate!! OOPS! Otherwise sounds like a lovely bath idea!!

Joshua has a terrible fuss when it's time to get out of the bath. Kicks, pulls at glasses, pinches... goes all linp so that you almost drop him. However, he's getting better about it... with the help of an occasional swat on a damp bare leg ;-O


Tina said...

Oh NO! Now what are you going to munch on????


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