Thursday, 27 March 2008

Holidays are (nearly) here again

Three passports all in date, two in sight and one currently missing. Little Fish has posted it somewhere.

One set of travel insurance obtained, all documentation currently missing.

One set of medical letters being prepared, one bottle of powdered antibiotic being prescribed, one new set of prescriptions being obtained.

One growing sense of panic at the inability to find any kind of confirmation of our hotel booking.

One sense of disbelief at the amount of extra carry-on baggage we are going to need - two able bodied adults, each carrying one disabled child, plus the four bags with in flight necessities, plus feed pump, suction, nebulizer, ventilator, battery for the vent, and positioning equipment. I suspect we'll compromise with the positioning stuff.

And a dawning realisation that, once I've sorted all the logistics of packing and getting permissions etc., I am still going to be trapped in an aeroplane for too many hours with a very busy and active toddler. On balance I think that might just turn out to be the biggest challenge of all!


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MOM2_4 said...

I think you are right with the biggest challenge - Little Fish!! One thing we do/did was have a few surprise "new" toys tucked away for those moments when toddler needs a new distraction! I usually shop the 100 yen shop ($1 store) and pick up cheap/if they get lost who cares, toys for the actual travel time. Sometimes I even wrap the toys... unwrapping take a bit of time and adds to the surprise ;o)

Hang in there!!


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