Sunday, 9 March 2008


Mog's state of mind all day. And all day yesterday. Shame really; she had the chance to go to a party yesterday afternoon, and although she was really quite keen at 9AM by 12 she had crashed out and stayed asleep til bedtime. Slept the night through, and has snoozed most of today. Fast asleep (without sedation) tonight and looks set to stay that way - finally, her snoring seems to be sorting itself out.

Sadly it's also a description of me today. I switched Mog's feed off instead of to hold whilst setting up the new set of milk. Being switched off, naturally it didn't beep to remind me to turn it to run when I'd finished. So she sat milkless for three hours this afternoon. And now I'm sitting up for another three hours until it has all dripped through.

On a more positive note, this sign reminds me that in four weeks' time we'll be heading back to Florida for some more peaceful manatee spotting (this sign comes from the manatee rescue place we visited in 2006). Lots to do and see but hopefully some time to slow down and relax too.

And, in just one week's time, I shall be leaving the girls behind (although not, obviously, home alone) and going to London. Not to paint the town red, nor even the faintest shade of pink. Just to sit back and enjoy a couple of days at idle speed with Friend. And hopefully a couple of nights with No Wake. Bliss.

Pray for Trina and Jophie. Jophie's having surgery tomorrow, and I know Trina will appreciate all the prayers you can offer on their behalf.


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Doorless said...

Thanks , I am so glad I am not the only one guilty of this. The way I justify it is I have a lot of things I just have to do and don't want to clutter my mind with more! Now life would be lost simpler if I only was organized and would write that number down right away.


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