Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Good news, bad news,

The good news is, my 'fridge smells most gloriously of fresh coffee.
The bad news is, I'm having to open the 'fridge and breathe deeply, because my coffee grounds are currently scattered over the shelves, not sitting neatly in a little foil packet waiting for me to drink them. Thanks again, Little Fish.

The good news is, it's Fairtrade Fortnight, and finding decent, ethically sound, coffee is an even simpler process than normal. The bad news is that my Cafe Direct has sold out at Budgens - except I suppose that's good news, since it means more people than usual are buying Fairtrade Coffee. And the really good news is that Budgens have their own line of Fairtrade Coffee, and it's really rather nice.

More Good News - Jophie is doing a little better. I spoke to Trina yesterday, and she said he is not needing 100% O2 anymore, they have managed to reduce that, although he does still need BiPap. He has double pneumonia and is fighting but still needs plenty of prayers. As does Trina, stuck without internet access and with a very poorly little boy. I know how important that internet access is; Trina and I have both talked about how much the world shrinks when we can't get online and talk to others in a similar situation.

More bad news; I called up to get my boiler fixed, and the lady at the other end of the phone was extremely sorry, she couldn't arrange to get anyone out to see us immediately as it is such a busy time of year, and boiling water is less of an emergency than cold water.

The good news? She can arrange for someone to come out on Thursday. Now personally I'd have thought that was pretty quick - last year when we had a different company servicing the boiler it took weeks for them to come and sort it. Weeks when we were completely without heating, with two profoundly disabled girls and one sick baby, newly discharged from hospital. I'm liking this company so far; I just hope the engineer lives up to the promise. I'd really like this to be something easily fixable.

The bad news? She couldn't say when on Thursday the engineer would be here. We have a commitment in the early evening, so I will just have to hope he is early. Or trustworthy and happy to be left in the house alone.

The odd news? Our extension has no radiators, no central heating. It is usually the coolest part of the house. I have been leaving the heating off during the day and turning it back one once the overall temperature drops enough that one fleece jumper isn't enough to keep me warm. I discovered today that the extension is actually warmer than the rest of the house. This was definitely not the case last year - I suppose this means Bob must be doing a good job after all!

And now the most immediately pressing news is that Little Fish is desperately overtired and in need of attention, Mog has just arrived home from school looking very fetching in green wool dress, navy jogging bottoms, odd socks and glasses hanging off one ear (there was apparently a code brown just before the bus came, oops), so I had better get off the computer and onto doing something about tea for the girls.

I'm reading a lot of posts from people who are extremely stressed at the moment. I know not everyone who reads here comments, so if you are one of my stressed readers, please keep breathing and try to take a few minutes just for yourself. Take care

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