Sunday, 30 March 2008

Morning all.

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Urgh. Clocks went forwards this morning. Mog decided to celebrate by waking up at 5 new time, 4 old time. Little Fish found it necessary to check my presence every hour throughout the night.

Mog slept beautifully through church to recover, not really an action I felt able to imitate. Query: how is it that she can sleep through ampilified music, a room full of 5-11 year olds singing and shouting and PRAISING GOD and raising the roof, and yet be awoken by the sound of me turning off my bedside light?

Oh, and to all those who asked - yes, I do have plenty of alcohol gel* and yes, I have some nice smelling handcream**.
*for hand cleansing purposes
**which unfortunately leaves me itchy, so I also have some special stuff which does the job nicely but smells eeeeeeevil.


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