Sunday, 16 March 2008

Make Way

Noises off: Little Fish, having a screaming, howling, arms-slapping-the-floor tantrum because I wouldn't let her reverse into the mirror in Mog's bedroom in her powerchair and shatter it to pieces. This comes five minutes after the screaming howling face slapping tantrum because I wouldn't give her any more cheese, and 15 minutes after the screaming howling sobbing tantrum because Grannie went home. Someone is heading for an early bed tonight!

Mog is laughing at her, which doesn't help matters. Except by relieving the pressure.

Palm Sunday today. The King riding on a donkey. A triumphant entry, jubilation, celebration, to be followed just a few short days later by betrayal, torture, death. Not the end of the story, we know, but how quickly the world turns. I wonder how many modern day heroes have been torn down as quickly for similarly great misunderstandings?

I have two Palm Crosses from Church. One I will hang above Goldy's montage, and the other I haven't decided yet. In my old house, one wall was given over to photographs - photographs of school friends, of children I've cared for, of friends and family and just generally a collage of my life. I packed them away when I moved here (4 years ago) and most of them are still in a box, waiting for someone to rescue them. There's the photograph of seven school friends, wet, tired, dirty but triumphant after our first ever holiday without parents or other responsible adults. The lone Piedro boot, photographed by my line manager after another day spent searching for it - the reminder of a child who spent her life removing just one of them at every available opportunity. So many happy faces - it was my sanity wall; when I was having a bad day I just had to look up to see the smiles, a visible reminder that "this too shall pass". I have photos up here too, but more spread around the house; there isn't any one wall crying out to become a gallery. I may hang it over my bed; been a while since I had a Palm Cross there.

There may be a short intermission here - I'm going away from tomorrow for a few days and not sure if I'll have internet access (or inspiration!) whilst I'm away.
Take care,

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