Monday, 10 March 2008

First catch your therapist

The organised mother has a neat and tidy diary, busily but sensibly filled out with the many and varied appointments her child has. She knows where the gaps are, and knows what arrangements need to be made to fill them. Her addressbook is uptodate with all the latest contact details of the many professionals involved in her child's life, and she has many of the numbers memorised or at least on speed dial. The organised mother does not find herself in the following situation.

Message in the home/school book last week"I would like to meet on X date at Y time if that's ok". Suggested date clashes with an alternative arrangement, so I need to call the therapist to change it. Problem - no phone number to hand. I could have sent a message into school last week with the other child but, I am not that organised.

Think for a minute (hard work in the mornings!), and decide to phone school. School have a list of numbers, and read off the number for our physio. I phone the number, and get the answer phone for the physio-who-is-not-our-physio. Hang up, call the school again. School check the number, give me that same number again. Impasse.

We (the mysterious man at the other end of the phone, possibly the headmaster, and I) agree to try the published number for the physio-who-is-not-our-physio, to see if they have been swapped. I ring, I get the answerphone for the physiotherapy assistant.

Deciding at this point not to phone school again (although it is tempting, I wonder who the next number on the loop would belong to?), I call the original physio-who-is-not-our-physio requesting the number of our physio. And then call the assistant, and ask her too. One of them will surely know.

Put the phone down, pick up the computer. Phone rings. Computer down, pick up the phone, it's our physiotherapist who has been passed a message via the assistant. We cancel the proposed appointment, but will have to phone again to rearrange as there is a diary issue.

Put the phone down, pick up the computer. Phone rings. It's the physio-who-is-not-our-physio, calling with our physio's number. And another message, about a new wheelchair assessment.

After all this, you'd think I'd take that number and put it into my mobile phone. So, have I done this, or put down the phone, and picked up the computer again?

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