Thursday, 13 March 2008

Oh Man!

Little Fish's new phrase. I walk into her line of sight and "Oh Man!!" is what she says. I pick her up from preschool and not "Hiya Mummy" but "Oh MAN" is what drops from her lips. Usually with arms thrown out either side (rather entertainingly causing her to fall over sideways, but I digress*), and a big grin.

I have been blaming preschool - it's certainly not a phrase we use at home, and I don't think it features in any of her stories or videos. I know it's not from nursery, so preschool was all I had left.**

Picking her back up again, I inserted her into her coat, and inserted coat and child into wheelchair. We trundled off home, and debated what we should have for lunch. I thought mince and mash sounded good and convenient, considering there was a large bowl of it in the 'fridge, she thought woof woof sounded like a better option. I won. Sometimes as a parent you just have to take charge.

After lunch I picked her up and gave her a squidge on the way through to the bathroom. She snuggled into my squidgey cuddle and rested her head on my shoulder. Very sweet. I did a twirl with her in my arms, and said "I love you SOOOO MUCH!". "Oh MAN" she replied with the same inflection.

"I love you Sooooo Much!"
"Oh Man!!"
"So much!"
"Oh man!".

So there you have it, folks, I love you in Little Fish speak. Speech impediments are fun sometimes!

*not that I think laughing at someone, particularly a child with balance problems, falling over is necessarily right, but when it's your daughter and she's overbalancing in order to shout "OH MAN" at you, I think you're allowed to laugh. Maybe.

**For newer readers, Little Fish attends mainstream preschool two mornings each week and special school nursery two mornings a week. The jury's out as to what will be best for her in the longer term.


Robyn said...

mmmm i say oh man...trying to think whether i said it whilst there last week
if i did...oops..

and shes a squidgy kinda girl..

Tia said...

Nothing wrong with it as a phrase, Robyn, I was just trying to work out where it came from. But it isn't actually "oh Man" she's saying, she's saying "I love you SOOO MUCH", just skipping the I love you bit which she can't pronounce, and turning so much into o man. That's my girl!

MOM2_4 said...

Too cute!! Love it when a new phrase is translated!!!


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