Saturday, 29 March 2008

Have you washed your hands?

Get up, go to the loo, wash hands (1).
Mix meds, wash hands (2).
Start tube feed, administer meds, wash hands (3).
Change pad, wash hands (4).
Clean stoma, wash hands (5).
More meds, wash hands (6).
Change 2nd child, wash hands (7).
Make breakfast, wash hands (8).
Make coffee. Drink coffee.
Wipe faces, wipe tables, wash up, wash hands (9).
Loo again, wash hands (10).
Get dressed, dress child 1, change pad again, wash hands (11).
Dress child 2, sit child on potty, wash hands (12).
Clean child 1's eyes, wash hands (13).
Clean child 2's eyes, wash hands (14).
Empty nappy bin, wash hands (15).
Take all rubbish bags out for the bin men, wash hands (16).
Come back into house, discover child who was sitting on potty has crawled off potty and halfway across bathroom floor, spreading poo as she goes. Clean up the mess, wash hands (17).
Put a load of washing in the machine, remember the 2nd bin, bag up the rubbish and take it outside, wash hands (18).
Administer painkillers, wash hands (19).
Discover child 2 has now found child 1's special feeds and has emptied one carton on the floor. Clean up sticky mess, wash hands (20).

And it's not 10AM yet!


Doorless said...

You have had a very interesting time of it while I have been gone. I took my good hand cream with me to CA but the NTSA made me toss it. The tube said 6 ounces but it was only 1/2 full. They would not buy it! It was a life saver for my hands.
I think what you are using for your expenses would be called a debit card here. So hopefully, it would be straightened out before your trip. I usually draw out cash. NO problem with that.

MOM2_4 said...

I think you need another cup of coffee and some hand cream!!

Lauren said...

Ha! I think this makes you more obsessive compulsive than I! Hurrah!
(Hmm but how many bottles of alcohol gel do you own?...)

Tina said...

I want to know how yu find time to go to the loo twice bfore 10 am???

I am aan alcohol gel freak too Lauren..maks me mad that nursing staff seem to think that means you dont have to wash your hands though!


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