Friday, 7 March 2008

Happy Feet

Remember this? The January bloggy giveaway. I know that my box of biscuits found a happy home, and I hope the kite did too. Ever tried to post a kite? I thought about wedging it between two pieces of wood, but the weight was a bit offputting. Considered making metal splints for it, but thought the customs sensors might not like that either. Eventually we compromised with a poster tube, kite posted into it, and wedged more or less in place with a toy snake. I think it was a snake. It might have been a very hungry caterpillar, it was a while ago now. Or maybe possibly even some floppy cuddly toys. Whatever, they made a nice soft packing and hopefully kept the kite whole for its new family.

We won too! And what a prize it was. Lauren from e2 designs held a contest looking for new ideas. I suggested that she make larger size booties, for older disabled children. Look at these little non-walking feet - aren't they just crying out for some nice soft cosy slippers? Lauren took up my suggestion, and ended up making us not just one pair for Little Fish, but three beautiful pairs of beautifully snuggly booties.
Little Fish has been wearing the purple ones to school; they are soft enough that she can commando crawl around the floor wearing them, yet they are thick enough to protect her toes from carpet burns as she does so. Mog has claimed the yellow pair, and has been wearing them in bed, after her bath, on lazy Saturday mornings, and any time when she is just kicking back and relaxing. I love them - they're soft enough not to hurt when she kicks me, and warm enough to keep her feet nice and pink. Always handy.

And those little brown ones? That's the best bit of all! They've found a very special home with a little boy we know. This little boy has a progressive disease, and at age three, he has already outlived his life expectancy by a couple of years. He's a beautiful little boy with a lot of problems and a wonderful, enchanting smile. His soft feet have never been pushed into unforgiving shoes, but as he has grown bigger, finding baby shoes to fit has been an ever increasing challenge for his parents. They've been reduced to buying soft sheepskin girlie slipper boots and hiding or unpicking or hiding the floral accessories. The trim on these booties has airplanes and cars on it - they are so right for a little boy!

So thanks Lauren, and thanks to Shannon for organising another bloggy giveaway. Take a look at Lauren's Etsy shop - she does more than just booties.


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e2designs said...

Hi Tia! So glad the booties arrived safe and sound. I hope they all fit and that you get much use from them. If there is ever (and I do mean EVER) a problem - stiching comes loose, the cat eats one... - let me know and I will be happy to replace them!



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