Friday, 7 March 2008

A Little Fish In Love

Little Fish has an admirer.
"Annie Boy" is much loved, and the feeling is mutual. It must be - there aren't many boys who would put up with being called Annie!

Both Annie and his sister live nearby and call in sometimes on their way back from school (with their mother). Little Fish loves it. My friend and I thought that Annie's sister and Little Fish might like to make friends, especially as they are the same age and attend the same preschool. But what do we mere parents know? Annie and Little Fish seem to be made for each other. Three years older, he thinks Little Fish is just wonderful. They're in our ball pool here, and Annie Boy worked out how to help Little Fish jump in and out - here he is pulling her out of the balls and back up onto the edge. As they jump in together, Annie twists his body around so he cushions Little Fish's fall - such a gentleman!

If Little Fish wants to play babies, he'll play babies too - admittedly his idea of playing with the babies is to attack them with a crocodile, whereas Little Fish prefers to change nappies and tell them off, but they play together so nicely. Annie's sister meanwhile gets to take apart the rest of our playroom, eat the soap in the bathroom, and generally potter around doing all the things little girls should do. Mog sits in her chair and watches it all from a safe distance, sometimes choosing to join them in the ballpool, but more often cheering them on from behind.

Funny how things work out. We had another friend friend drop in earlier on in the day, and as we knew she was coming, Little Fish and I popped out for supplies in the morning. Friend number one was satisfied with coffee, and for once I didn't scarf the biscuits myself once she'd left. So when Friend two arrived with Annie and sister, I was able to be the perfect hostess by accident. I like that kind of accident. The children seemed to approve too.

Annie and co. left at 5.30, giving Little Fish just time to eat before our carer arrived to help with Mog. Perfect timing.

Jophie still needs your prayers,
Sleep well,

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