Saturday, 17 May 2008


We're committed now. Broneirion here we come. Planning meeting today with the girls. Always good fun. Or hideous torment, depending on your own feelings about spending time with lots of 10-14 year old girls. We're taking 30 this year. Hmmm. I know I'm tired just thinking about it! Too tired to blog actually; or at least to blog with any degree of intelligence or hope of providing interest to the readers. So please feel free to click through and take a look at where we'll be heading, in just a few short weeks.

2 showers, 30 girls. And leaders. Ouch.
Cooking for 45 on wood fires - interesting, smelly, warm, strangely satisfying.
Juggling Guiding with Mog and Little Fish - always good fun.
Watching the Guides learn new skills, overcome fears, make friends, laugh at silly non-boy-related stuff - never loses its appeal.

That's the plan at least.

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Tina said...

i have not been camping since being a Mum. The last time I went camping as a leader with girls to be responsable was 29 year ago....I miss it.
I know you wil have a gra time and be happily exhasted at the end...the juggling the girls needs I am not sure about...hope the other leaders and the girl are helpful!
Make sure you remind us to pray for you all as you head off.

Hmmmm sleping under canvas, cokin on woodfires, singing round the campfire...having a reminiscent moment here!



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