Thursday, 1 May 2008

May Day - one for my non UK friends.

Happy May Day. Here's a nice local (to me) post for my US (and other non-UK-based) readers.

In my pre-child days, I occasionally managed to get into Oxford in time for the May Morning Celebrations. It's a strange tradition - Magdalen College has its choristers sing in the the sunrise on the 1st May and much of Oxford, both gown and town, turns out to watch. The choristers are educated at Magdalen College School, founded in 1480. The college itself is older than that. Oh, and Magdalen is pronounced Maudlin here.

It's a beautiful part of Oxford.

CS Lewis (author of the Chronicles of Narnia amongst other works) was a Fellow at Magdalen for nearly 30 years.

This disjointed post was brought to you by a very tired Tia.
I choked Mog on a piece of Mango earlier today; Little Fish demonstrated that she can open child-proof caps on medicine bottles (no harm done to either girl but eek). Bob turned up two wet days in a row, bemoaning the fact that it was too wet to finish the outside work, but failed to turn up today, on one of the most beautifully sunny days we've had in a while. And our carer threw away the last of the chocolate because she didn't want to see it just sitting there. I could understand eating it, but throwing it away?

It must be bedtime
Hope you have had a happy May Day.

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