Friday, 9 May 2008

I have a dream

Here's one for the psychoanalysts amongst you.

A very disturbed night, a long vigil beside a child's bed, and an hour's brief sleep before morning. And this:

A square frame, with a dusky pink backdrop. Clinging to the backdrop, an angular lizard, made entirely out of plastic, white with pink polka dots. The lizard is upright, in the top right hand corner of the frame, head leaning back towards the centre of the frame, talking to someone we can't see. He is grousing about the fact that he never gets the girl, is doomed to be single all his life, and what is wrong with him that the girls always go off with someone else.

Up pops the person he's talking to. It is a cow made out of lego, with bits of giraffe thrown into the mix. "Don't ask me, mate" says the cow/giraffe/lego beast, to the pink polka dotted plastic lizard; "I'm just a giraffe".

End of dream, beeps of the alarm clock.

I'm still trying to pick out any part of that at all - make of it what you will!

1 comment:

Doorless said...

think Little Fish has been playing with your mind. Hence the wierd dream! Get some rest.


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