Sunday, 25 May 2008

Wet Wet Wet

Someone, somewhere, is laughing at me. It takes five minutes to walk to church (ninety seconds to sprint home when the babysitter rings me in a panic, fifteen minutes when we follow toddler time, which gives priority to counting cars, spotting dogs, waving to leaves and watching woodlice rather than actually reaching a destination). Since it also takes five minutes to load the bus, and another five minutes to unload, plus about five minutes to back out of the driveway, drive to church, queue for the carpark and then find a spot big enough for the bus, we walk to church. No matter what the weather happens to be doing.

Torrential rain this morning. Having completely mislaid Little Fish's waterproofs, I wrapped her up in a blanket and a fleece and hoped for the best. After our five minute journey one very sulky (no time for toddler time this morning) child was unwrapped and found to be one very soggy sulky child.

We were only slightly damper than those in the congregation who had driven to church. Singing the correct lyrics to our first song was very difficult.
You reign on high,
Every mountain stream,
Every sunset sky.
But my one request,
Lord, my only aim
Is that You’d reign in me again.

Lord, reign in me,
Reign in Your power;
Over all my dreams,
In my darkest hour.
You are the Lord of all I am,
So won’t You reign in me again."

That would be reign in, not rain on. Either God or the worship leader has a sense of humour. Possibly both. Home again, through slightly less driving rain but with the puddle hazards instead. We waited here for a few minutes until there were no more cars coming. Just as we got to the puddle in the picture above, a car came powering on through, and whilst I'll give it credit for not actually swerving towards us, it made no attempt whatsoever to avoid sending a tidal wave over us either. Little Fish's power chair is indeed waterproof. Always good to know. Mog was most entertained. I was not.

Arrive home and drip dry. Turn on the radio. "Raindrops keep falling on my head". Oh very witty.

On an unrelated note, where are my keys? I used them on Friday to get something from the garage. I haven't seen them since. We have spare car and front door keys, but my rather large and vast keyring has a collection of other people's front door keys, a RADAR toilet key, and my only garage key on it. You wouldn't think it was possible to lose a keyring holding a RADAR key; they're huge. Meanwhile until they turn up I can't get into the garage, which holds Mog's feed supplies. Nor can I put away the garden spade. The keyring itself is also rather special; it has a photograph of Goldie on it. I've retraced my steps and am forced to the conclusion that either Little Fish has squirrelled it away somewhere (fished it away?) or it has been piled into the compost bin. If LF has taken them I have no idea where she's put them; they don't appear to be anywhere in the house. And I don't think I can face searching through the compost bin right now. Anyone got a metal detector?



Lauren said...

Hehe, poor you getting so wet - it was hot hot sun here today!
Funnily enough I've lost my keys too, most annoying thing is the RADAR key. You'd think it's be hard to lose a bunch of keys with a huge key like that attached! And the builders never did find my spare set. Hope yours turn up soon!

Alesha said...

Oh my goodness - that puddle!!! I can't believe the car didn't wait for you all to clear. I think too many people drive on autopilot and they probably didn't even realize you were there until it was too late!

On your keys - two things I can suggest. One is passed down from my mom to me - PRAY!!! Ask God to help you find them. (I figure you've already done this one!)

The other is to go look in the spot that you said the following comment about: "Well, I know it can't be there because..."

For ME, most of the times, that's RIGHT where the lost item IS!!!

:-) Now you know the state of my mind! I'm afraid I'm guilty of a bit of "autopilot" myself!

Hope you are all three dry and snuggly this evening. May God grant you a peaceful night's sleep. Also, may God grant US a good night's sleep (something we did NOT have last night, and so missed church this morning!)



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