Thursday, 29 May 2008

Of playmates and poo.

Nice day. Gentle day. Mog has a very painful nappy rash, so we're trying to keep her off her bottom as much as possible. Little Fish was loving the fact that this made her taller than Mog this morning. Out for the afternoon with friends. a garden centre with playground and lots of animals to look at. Or in Little Fish's case, lots of animals to hide from as the big scary evil monster ducks might get her. We stocked up on some rather nice perennials (I'm being brave here; I usually stick to one off annuals which I then kill rather faster than nature intended). Loaded all the children into the bus, squeezed all the plants in around them, and then drove around to the collection point. I stayed with the children as my friend went to pick up our manure.

"Manure?" asked the boy, "What's that?"
"Horse Poo", I replied elegantly. Eloquently? Succinctly, anyway.
Giggles from three of the four children in the back, and then a pause.
A small, worried voice, looking at the pots of plants and piles of other clutter necessities. "Will it come in a bag?"

It did.

Dropped the friends back home quickly, then unloaded the girls and what looked like half a botannical garden's worth of flora. It filled about half of one bed. The horse poo went a bit further around the garden, with Little Fish taking great pleasure in throwing it into the flowerbeds. Fling it here, fling it there, if you stand in the way then you'll all get your share.

Mog meanwhile spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around on her bath chair, kicking the grass and shouting at us. All the plants in, all the poo flung, I loaded Little Fish into a tub of bubbly water and we sat down to relax for a bit.

Took this photo and as I switched off the camera it started to rain. Little Fish was not impressed that I went to rescue Mog, pump, bathseat, books and even the garden tools before plucking her out of her bath. Extremely unconvinced with my explanation that she was wet anyway.

The plan was for an early night and an extremely early start tomorrow, but we then had a phonecall from the hospital cancelling Little Fish's scheduled surgery. So the PEG will stay in situ for another few weeks. We will not have any answers about her hips before her next big round of appointments, and will have to delay sorting out her wheelchair seating until they decide to give us another date. Her foot op can wait, the rest less so.

We'd planned a day in hospital and then a quiet weekend. School doesn't start again until Tuesday now. So how should we spend the rest of our holiday?


Doorless said...

I vote for just hanging out enjoying the horse poo and flowers. It looks so lovely in your yard. We have a bath chair we use for reclining in the yard also.
I love the set up for the pump and bag. I haven't seen anything like that in the states. But the pumps we have the bags can be laid down in any angle and still pump.

Tia said...

It's a great set up provided you don't want to go anywhere or do anything - the pump doesn't work if the giving set isn't upright. We do have a backpack too which is more subtle for days out etc but you can't let it tip over so not hugely helpful.

Raining today so unlikely to get out and about but Mog is very sore so that's probably a good thing!


Claire said...

Enjoy your holiday! What to do, the zoo perhaps?...more garden picnics? Your garden looks like a good place for them.

I hope Mog is feeling better soon, but she looks happy in that picture.

Does LF's PEG need to come out because she no longer needs it or because there is something wrong with it?


Slightly radioactive Claire (Radioactivity due to isotope bone scan)

Tia said...

It's being swapped for a button. This should have happened back in April; probably won't now until the summer. Meanwhile the PEG irritates her stoma, and the long tubing gets trapped in the spokes of her wheelchair which isn't particularly helpful or comfortable for her.



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