Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Happy happy joy joy

Oh happy day.My keys are here once again. Hazel and Martin arrived at lunchtime yesterday together with scrumptious baby. Very scrumptious even if he is as bald as a coot baby.
Pub lunch, chats and children, lazy afternoon. Martin kindly deconstructed my compost bin to hunt for the missing keys - no joy. Threw the children into a giant communal shower thing and then into bed, and ordered a takeaway. Hunting through the teetering tower of papers and post and other essentials filing system to track down the menus I was hit by a large metal object. One bunch of keys. Hurrah!

So, curry, keys, and good friends. Happy children in reasonable health. Does it get better than this?


Doorless said...

Oh Happy Day!!! So glad you found the keys and had a great visit. Such a cute baby

MOM2_4 said...

YAY for keys!!!!

Sounds like agreat day ;o)

Alesha said...

Ooooooooo...what a cutie!!! :-)

Yay for finding those keys,
Yay for good take-out,
and Yay for good friends!!!

Wishing you a quiet night,

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much we depend on our keys isn't it?
So glad your's are found!


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