Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sleeping in

I like Saturdays. They are our only official day when we don't have carers, our official opportunity to lie in. Of course this does depend on a certain degree of cooperation. Which was not forthcoming this morning; Mog woke at ten to five miserable and sore. Sorted her out and headed back to bed for a little before realising I hadn't in fact sorted her out at all. So gave up, sat up and snuggled with her for a bit until the painkillers kicked in and she finally dosed off again.

She slept quite well after that. And thankfully Little Fish did too - staying asleep as I crept around the house hovering over the kettle to stop it from clicking when it boiled, muffling the sound of running water with strategically placed rags, stirring coffee by agitating the cup rather than risk the clink of metal against china. All worth it; she slept in until 9 so I had a beautiful peaceful morning to myself. One day it'll be my turn to sleep in though...

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