Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Roast Beef and Raspberries

No, it's not the latest Delia Smith (at least I hope it isn't), it's Little Fish's latest discovery. Both of them very acceptable apparently, but only by themselves with nothing else on the plate, and the raspberries must be two at a time or not at all. Fun times.

Still, it's progress at least. The other progress we've been having these past few days has not been so positive. There's the whole scoliosis thing. Then at her annual review it was strongly suggested that her learning disabilities do in fact put her into the "severe learning disabilities" bracket, not the "delayed, she'll catch up, won't ever be top of the class but will cope" bracket. There's the surgery she'll be having over our half term holiday. Tomorrow we have an appointment with our GP - our community nurse believes that she is reacting (i.e. allergic to) her PEG, and that this is the cause of the general manky stoma. Oh, and that the wee problems are quite possibly related to diabetes.

This afternoon Little Fish has been complaining about sticky eyes. Her eyes are quite often pink and scabby; her Nippy blows air into them all night long if it gets readjusted in the quest for a perfect thumbsuck. So I cleaned them up, not really looking at them just gently wiping them with a bit of gauze on autopilot. It was only after the 3rd or 4th "My eye Icky Mummy" that I took a proper look, and realised they weren't sticky as in crusty and gooey, but sticky as in the eyeball was stuck in one position and she was needing a gentle wipe (or was poking herself with a finger) in order to get the eyeball moving again. I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure that's not normal behaviour for a straightforward squint caused by long sightedness?

The timing is good - tomorrow afternoon she already has an appointment with the eye doctor - but I could really live without additional issues for a few days please.

Meanwhile, when Little Fish isn't raiding the 'fridge for raspberries and roast beef, she's now taken to wheeling herself up in front of Mog, pulling Mog's foot and then complaining "Mummy, Mog kicking me". Happily they both find it hilarious.

Little Fish has made progress in other areas too. We've been working hard on her vocabulary. The school bus driver, Mick, is no longer worried about paternity suits. Instead, Little Fish now wheels herself off the bus, turns around and shouts "Bye Bye Michael, Bye bye Michael's bus, bye bye Michael" until he has driven off. He seems to find this just as embarrassing. Meanwhile the escort wants to know why Little Fish refuses to acknowledge her at all. I'm sure it's nothing personal.



Alesha said...

Oh my goodness! The eye thing doesn't sound good, nor does the possibility of diabetes. Gracious, Tia, I know you must feel overwhelmed! I don't know a thing to tell you, but that I'm praying for you. It stinks that it has all hit at once, but it is still in His hands. Just try to keep trusting Him.

Doorless said...

Praying that things will settle down soon. Little Fish is so very cute and you know, it is hard to accurately place a developmental IQ on children who are limited orthopedicaly. She has not been as mobile as the non challenged child and so has not been able to experience as much. But, she is bright that is evident by the many things she is doing and the games she plays with you and Mog.
It is hard to hear those things but, Amber was 17 and functioned at a three year old level and I was happy with that as she was enjoying being at that age developmentally.
I do hope the eye thing is something minor.
Take a deep breath curl up with a nice tea and a book when you can.

MOM2_4 said...

HUGS!! Seems like it never rains but pours. WHEW! Praying the eye and PEG don't turn into something complicated. And the wee thing gets figured out.

As for the "Mog is kicking me" hehehe... you have one very smart little girl on your hands.

You need to sit back and take a deep breath... I 2nd the idea of a cuppa and a good book. Hang in there!!!


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